WatchAwear Android App

WatchAwear - Companion for WatchMaker Premium", adds thousands of free watchfaces and resources for the users of "Watch Face - WatchMaker Premium" app and "WatchMaker Live WallPaper" app. So if you own "Watch Face - WatchMaker Premium" or "WatchMaker Live WallPaper", you now have access to thousands more watchfaces and growing.

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Edge Mobile iOS/Android App

Edge Mobile App is an advanced energy management App designed to deliver operational efficiencies for building owners and managers. At the touch of a button, users have visibility to portfolio and site level utility usage performance. In addition, this app provides ability for user on site to communicate with EP&T anytime regarding issues raised by EP&T to them.

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Mednile Android App

MEDNILE is a comprehensive mobile solution for doctors, patients and laboratories to move towards e-prescriptions and maintaining patients e-records. We @ Mednile want to eliminate human errors in medical field occurring every moment because of missing previous records/information and cumbersome paper trail. This platform is a step closer to overcome all these issues/errors which cost lot of patients their lives. Here we connect patients with the best doctors in the world so that you can get advice from the elite.

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Archvalet iOS/Android App

The Archvalet app allows residents to request valet delivery of their vehicles, as well as their guests' vehicles

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PMK Android App

PMK MAP App Directory Listing of Party Members and Enthusiasts

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Total Success Diary iOS/Android App

Do you sometimes lose focus and forget about your most important priorities and goals? What about if you had a place to write the results you want, your objectives, a place to read them over and over, and even a system to help you increase the probabilities of succeeding? Well, this is what Turboday Total Success Diary is all about. Our goal is to create the best success Diary on the planet. Our mission is to help millions become more successful, more productive and happier than ever before.

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Bethel Trips iOS/Android App

The Bethel Trips app is a tool used by Bethel Missions to create and manage the receipts of a trip. Students are able to upload the receipts they have from the trip and the trip leaders will be able to view their students' receipts in real time.

smaple image iOS/Android App

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Utah 211 iOS/Android App

Are you in need of community resources but don't know where to turn? The 2-1-1 Utah app is free and an easy way to locate and connect to a variety of human service resources in Utah. Enable "location services" on your phone and then let the 2-1-1 app guide you to resources near you.

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